Returning momentarily to Alexander Campbell

You’ll remember that last year, I gave some talks about Scottish song-collector Alexander Campbell and his tour round the Hebrides in 1815.

James D Hobson has just posted a great blogpost, A Guide to the Georgian Coaching Inn. Read about the kind of experience Alexander Campbell may have had, on the occasions he travelled by coach or stayed at an inn! (I’ve added this link to my own earlier blogpost so readers will have another chance of finding it, too.) Congrats, James – it’s a wonderful read.

Alexander Campbell’s song-collecting for Albyn’s Anthology (5.30 Tues 17th November)

The talk itself wasn’t recorded, but I did make a recording of my final rehearsal. Please do contact me if you’d like to see it for research purposes – I’m not going to post it publicly here.

Karen McAulay Teaching Artist

At the risk of being insufferable, I’m sharing this on all my social media haunts! At 5.30 pm tomorrow night, folks – I’m talking about an early Scottish song collector, Alexander Campbell – for Glasgow Uni’s Scottish and Celtic Studies Department. You can join us if you like:-

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